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Lala’s bed pals


If you remember, last week I posted about Lala's mobile.


Did you notice she was not alone?

Look again…

Lala napping with friends

Ah… you see?! Yes… Lala's little friends.

Allow me to introduce to you, Fred


now Fred was a gift from my lovely and ever so talented cousin Anna. Handmade and designed after her youngest daughter, Alexa's love for Ugly Dolls. Fred is a shy kind of guy who suffers from acute incontinence, so Alexa made a special undie for him so that he can sleep with confidence.



This is Cleo. Cleo is the older brother of Theodore. Like Theodore, Cleo gets chilly very easily and is very much attached to his scarf. Even on the hottest of days, his beloved scarf is wrapped nice and tight around his neck. Cleo loves quiet time. Reading a good book under layers upon layers of blankies is his favorite past time.


Do you remember these lovelies (shown below)? Lala's friends

Mim is such the mothering type. Always looking after the others and making sure everyone is tended to. She's very particular when it comes to table manners.

Theodore is a sensitive young lad. Very quiet, soft spoken and avoids eye contact. People often mistaken him as being shy.

Clementine is always humming a tune and counting her oranges. She'll eat just about anything… so long as it has oranges in it!


Now you have met Lala's friends. There are more to come for I have a slew of characters waiting to be sewn. They're all nestled in my idea book and dancing in my head.

…just waiting…


Have a lovely day, friends!





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I'm curious…

Miss jenny pattern collage

I have this pattern in my shop for a while now and actually sold quite a few. Did you buy one?

If so, please-please-oh-pretty please show me what you made.

And if you have any suggestions… likes… dislikes… please share.

I would love to know…




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try… try again

Hello lovelies!


I had bought this pattern book a few weeks back and wanted to try out the vest pattern.



Cute, ay?

So here is my finished piece…



It's reversible!


On this side, using this fabulous fabric from Mummysam, I made nice big pockets. Perfect for keeping little happy finds safe.

Now, the vest is just perfect. Perfect for when the weather is not too cold or not too warm. The ONLY problem is… is that it's a tad bit big for Lala. Perhaps in a few months she will fit it like a glove…*ahem*… or vest!

But I want instant gratification, darn it! I want her to wear it NOW. So what do I do?

I made another one.

But this time I redesigned the vest and made it her size…




Again, reversible. No big pockets, though.


Just a cute little one with a vintage find button.


Lala is pleased.


Very pleased indeed.


Until next time, dear friends!





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she’s learning

Sophie is crazy-gaga over anime, manga and just about anything Japanese. If she had it her way, she would dress "Harajuku style" everyday.

And she can.

Under one condition.

She has to sew it to wear it.


So for Christmas, she sewed the watch bands for part of her gifts for her cousins. We got the idea from this tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew (a cool blog BTW), and we got bought the watch faces over here (the cheapest place I found).


Next she sewed this scarf.DSC_0009


She already has sketches for her next project. So long it's not too outrageous, I'm all for it!

Way to go Soph!




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It's nap time and I have a moment to spare…

I had actually made this mobile before little LaLa (AKA: Stella) was born. I was waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.

Awww… sleepy-sleep…


I've thought about buying a mobile. There's so many cute and wonderful mobiles out there, but with a limited budget, I decided to make my own.


Here's a quick tutorial…


-felt balls of different colors and sizes

-lovely doilies (purchased here)

-stiffener (to stiffen the doilies so it would hang nicer)

-the outside hoop of an embroidery hoop

-various colors of embroidery thread


-glass beads (not shown)

-hot glue (not shown)

-twine to hang the mobile

-ribbon trim

-24 gauge soft jewelry wire (not shown)

-jewelry crimps (optional). You can just tie a knot.


First, following the directions on back of the fabric stiffener, I stiffened several doilies. It took a couple of days and several coats of stiffener to get to the desired stiffness. I then wrapped wire around the hoop, kris-crossing each strand (shown in first photo).


Here, I created a hook on the button using some wire and hot glued it to the doily. 


On the other side of the doily, I glued a felt ball.


Then I hung each one with a different color embroidery thread at different lengths to the wire on the hoop. I also used the larger felt balls with a glass beads on the ends to hang as well.

Once I was satisfied with the hanging pieces, I glued ribbon around the hoop to cover the wires and used twine to hang from the ceiling.



A special mobile for little LaLa!



Lala's waking up…

gotta go…

see you soon!



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a wee bit of sewing


Yes, yes… I know… "where have you been?!"

I needed to step back and enjoy baby Stella. Savor each fleeting second and be in the moment.

Stella collage

This Christmas, the girls were in charge of decorating the tree and did a lovely job while Stella and I took a back seat.

Xmas on the couch

Although spending time with familia and trying to get some sleep here and there, I longed to sew again. At times I would be cradling Stella, standing in a distance, gently rocking back and forth and staring at my sewing machine.


Pathetic, huh? I'm so silly sometimes!

Stella's nearing her 2 month birthday (in two days!) and she's starting to get into a routine. With some help, I was able to get a wee bit of sewing in and look! I managed to make a few things for baby.


Stella shirt 1

Stella hat and pant

I used a pattern from Simplicity for the kimono shirts and the pants were from a pattern in a Japanese craft book I have used before posted here and here. I just added a ruffle detail on the bum. Sooo cute!


Oh happy little Stella!


For the tops, I added a little pocket.


Her little bum makes me smile.


I had extra fabric to make a hat.

I think she likes it!


Ahhh… it was nice to do some sewing. I got my fix,

for now…






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